Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not My Understanding plus Giving Thanks

Dear Ones:

Wow! I can not believe that tomorrow will mark our one year anniversary since we heard from the Lord and began to move forward with the adoption process. In a lot of ways this has been one of the hardest years of my life. An emotional roller coaster to say the least. I thought when we started all of this that tomorrow would have a different feel to it all. I honestly thought I would have my baby girl in my arms by now.  I had no idea the financial strain and pressure we would experience. The following scripture I have to repeat in my mind over and over again:

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don't depend on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will direct your paths."
Proverbs 3:5&6

I need this on so many levels in my life, not just this adoption:
  • I need to trust as my life changes as my precious Canaan starts kindergarten in August, and how I feel like my heart will burst with missing him and missing what my life has been over the past 13 years as a stay at home mom.
  • I need to trust Him through all this financial uncertainty.
  • I need to trust He will prepare me to parent teenagers, and he will help me lead them continually to Him.
  • I need to trust Him as I start my new Mary kay Business. I am so excited and nervous all in one.
  • Basically every single facet of my life requires His leadership and oh how I need to hear Him and feel him directing me. Especially when I don't understand and lately I don't understand more than I do.
So what will the year ahead hold? Obviously lots of new experiences. More waiting. Trusting. Hoping. Hopefully some answers. Hopefully a beautiful brown baby girl :) Definitely joining with my Heavenly Father as I walk this path. I anticipate great things through great struggle.
Please keep praying!

On other notes I wanted to give some thanks:
The above picture shows a couple of blessings we received this past week. First you will see a beautiful bookmark and small worry doll from Guatemala. These were given to me from my friend Emily. She recently went to Guatemala and brought these things back for me. She is such a sweetie. I was so thankful for the dinner invitation to their home last week. A rare occurence for our herd. Then the red card came from the Smith family. It is a dinner gift card to a local restaurant. They presented this to us after Church on Sunday just because they have had our family on their mind lately and wanted to bless us. I hope they know how much they have.

God is Good All the Time!


  1. Hard to believe it's been a year since you started this journey.... know that we are continually praying for you guys.

    Thanks for sharing that verse as well.... I think that's one that we can all relate to.

    Also that picture at the bottom is wild.... how'd you do that?

  2. Thank you for the reminder of trusting in the Lord.


  3. God IS good, ALL the time. Cling to that promise. I am so sorry for the long wait-I know it hurts your heart. It may be out of your hands, but it is never out of God's. I am praying...

  4. So glad that we are on this journey together. God is good to put friends in our lives to walk with us. We really enjoyed having your family visit last week.

  5. Adoption surely is a journey that must be committed to the Lord (or we might just lose our minds). It is hard some days, but we must continue to trust in His timing. I'll be praying for you today - that you will have peace during the wait & for His provision.

  6. Michelle...
    My boys were born in Guatemala.

    I have tried very hard over the past couple months to keep from saying "I know how you feel" or "I know what you are going through" because the truth is we are all individuals with our own feelings and emotions and although we may have gone through the same experience it does not mean that we processed and "felt it" the same.

    SO...IN SAYING ALL OF THAT (man, I'm wordy this morning!) I want to say "I can relate to your feeelings" on your adoption journey and know that I am praying for you...

  7. Thank you to everyone. I so appreciate when others take the time to comment. The prayers are so valuable to me. rachel go ahead and be wordy girl I love it!

  8. Thanks for sharing the verses from Proverbs. I really needed to be reminded of that. It's funny, I read so many blogs, so many people in many different situations, but the message God wants me to read is clearly evident; trust in Him with all my heart. I guess He hopes if I read it enough, the message will sink in.
    Thanks again!

  9. You don't know me but I have been through a journey like yours--TWICE.. I have two beautiful children from India and the first one had a VERY LONG wait. The second was shorter..

    Hang in there!! Please know that YOU are meant to have a daughter and she will come home to you IN GOD's TIME!!!

    Love & prayers,


"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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