Thursday, May 29, 2008

Birthdays, A Swollen Eye, and The Last School Day!

Hello Dear Ones:
We have been celebrating quite a bit in our house lately. We started last week with my wonderful hubby's birthday. Below is a picture of a fun night out with our awesome friends. Thank you guys for being there for us.
We wondered if the Celebration would go on because Zion started the weekend in a lot of pain. He had a swollen eye and an earache. Our dear friend Dr. Rob came by for a house visit and called in some antibiotics for us which made a quick, huge difference. He doesn't look like he was socked in the eye anymore. Thank you Rob once again.
After some recovery time Zion was able to go back to school and had his first in school birthday celebration with his class. Up until now school has been out before his birthday so this was a nice treat for him to share with his friends.
As usual we had a rockin' birthday party at home last night. Fritz came and led worship. This has been a tradition for us since we have known our dear Fritz. I asked Fritz years ago if he would be willing to do this for us. It is just one way we can Praise Jesus for the awesome blessing of our children. Thank you so much Fritz.
And our whole family is celebrating the last of school today. The boys could not have a more awesome school situation and we love being a part of it. Still Summertime is our FAVORITE! WOO HOO!


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope the shiner feels better.

  2. Who's that hot guy in the orange next to the window in the first picture??

    So sad we missed Z's party, sounds like a good time as always. I totally think I could rock that surfboard thing....

  3. Sounds like a great time! I second your sentiments...woo hoo for summer!!!

  4. Happy belated b-day to Eric. Glad Zion is doing better.

  5. Glad to see your blog. Do you have a referral or are you waiting for Guat to open up again? We brought Bella home Dec 2006 I really hope (pray) Ethiopia isnt as stressful LOL! Guatemala is a huge roller coaster. That said, the children are beautiful and so need families :) Maria

  6. Enjoy your summer, it goes way to fast for my liking.

    Ouch to the eye, but how nice to have an on call house visiting Dr.

    Happy birthday to both of your boys.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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