Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Dear Ones: I apologize for the long post. I have not posted in a few days. (I have been resting.)
First, in reference to my last post we have been working on a regular Sabbath time at our house. We have designated Monday's for "our time". When the boys come home from school we have NO TV, computer, Wii, etc. etc. We have decided to use this time for a fun and 
mostly free activity. We also incorporate our weekly family meeting on this night where we catch up as a family and include a spiritual connection and devotion. The first two pictures below were of our family water gun fight.

After our water gun fight we headed in to watch a movie together. As we were watching, Noah yelled, "the Good Year Blimp," and we all ran outside to see this right above our house. How cool is that?

Today was field day at school, and the following include some shots of my guys in action!

Go Zion!

My Noah all wet!

Yellow team won the most points for Spirit week and Field Day! Congrats Elijah!

The Following are just some random shots I wanted to include. The first one is a new bird visitor to our feeders and the second is my first bird action shot.

This last shot is our faithful family friend.


Well, that is about it for now. It looks like I have been tagged again so I hope to get to that in my next post.



  1. Hey Michelle! I'm juust catching up on your blogs! I wanted to let you know that your new visitor to the bird feeder is a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak...if you didn't already know. Also...when I told you the other week that you had oriole's at your feeders I lied to you by accident. They are actually Red-winged blackbirds. My Bad. Hope you are doing well. Love you girl! ~Stephanie

  2. Love you too Stephanie Joe :) We kinda found out you accidentally lied when we discovered what our visitor was online the other day, because Eric will not buy a bird book. I should have just posted and let you save us some time :O)

  3. nice pics michelle... sounds and looks like the monday off idea is a good/fun one. I was also able to get some pics of the blimp, but wasn't able to zoom in as close as you were....

  4. Thanks Skid....yeah my camera does have an amazing zoom....the bird and blimp shots are with the fake zoom or whatever that was you told me about. What was it again?

  5. Digital zoom... hahaha fake zoom...

    Also, I hear y'all had lunch minus me today... sonofa...

    oh, and new stuff on my blog


"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

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