Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A call to sisterhood/ A postpartum moment shared

Good Morning Dear Ones:

I OFTEN think about what life will be like once our little Mercy arrives. As the mother of four biological sons, I right now can only relate to their arrivals. These were definitely ranked at the top of the list as far as favorite life moments go. There were of coarse challenges also. People who know me are aware that tears come easy to me. I mean I can not get through a single Little House On The Prairie Episode without some tears falling. Needless to say I was extremely prone to tears after giving birth. Hormones can do a number on you. Can I get an AMEN! 

Well, all this leads up to a postpartum moment I am going to share: Elijah is my firstborn son. When Elijah was born we had some difficulties. You see Elijah was a tongue suckler. This meant he was not nursing and not gaining weight. He actually lost more than normal once we got home. He wasn't even making wet diapers. I was an emotional wreck. We had to train Elijah how to suck by expressing my milk and finger feeding him for 9 WEEKS! Fortunately my awesome hubby stayed home for the first few days and was a tremendous help. Those first few days I never even had to change a diaper. Real life once again came and Eric had to go back to work. So picture this a physically and emotionally drained first time mother changing a newborn boys diaper for the first time (remember I was HORMONAL.) 

Well, this is how it all went down. Elijah needed a new diaper and as I was changing him, not used to "the stem on the apple" if you know what I mean. His "parts" moved way more than I expected them to and I was convinced I had disabled him and knocked  a very significant section of his body off. I began to cry and could not get a grip. I seriously cried the entire day until Eric got home from work. Poor man, coming home to his wife who looked like Garfield the cat (HUGE SWOLLEN EYES.)

That was one of my worst postpartum moments, days, whatever. I can laugh at it now. I am sure adoption will bring some post placement moments, both delightful and challenging, so stay tuned for those. Any moments you want to share?


  1. Dang... knowing how quick you tear up, I can't even imagine being Eric and walkin' in on that.... *must.... not....laugh....* :-) jk

    and no smart remarks about me tearing up at your boys baptism either.....

  2. I went through the SAME thing with Lulu. By 6 weeks she was still 1 lb under her birthweight. I know the fear and how awful that is.


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